KOHLER® Clarity™ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is KOHLER Clarity?

KOHLER Clarity is a ceramic water filtration system designed to provide people in developing countries with safe drinking water through an affordable design. Addressing the demand both for clean water and quality products, KOHLER Clarity fills an important need to increase access to desirable solutions for safe drinking water worldwide. 

What does it treat?

KOHLER Clarity is designed and tested* to meet WHO standards, treating primarily biological pathogens: bacteria, protozoa and cysts.

*Testing was done by Tufts University and was shown to conform with WHO standards.

What does it not treat?

KOHLER Clarity is not designed to treat viruses and chemical contaminants such as lead, arsenic or chlorine.

Where can the filtration system be used?

KOHLER Clarity is designed to be used in areas where the main source of contamination is biological pathogens such as bacteria and protozoa. It is also designed to treat sources of water that are fairly clear (non-turbid).

Where should the filtration system not be used?

The filtration system should not be used to treat water sources that are primarily contaminated with viruses or chemical contaminants such as lead, arsenic or chlorine. It should also not be used in highly turbid areas without a pre-filter (such as a cloth) that the dirty water can be poured through.

Where can I buy KOHLER Clarity?

KOHLER Clarity water filtration systems are sold only to official partners at this time. 

Who can distribute KOHLER Clarity?

Kohler is currently distributing Clarity through organizations working to deliver safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) initiatives in developing countries. Partners are selected on the basis of their proven ability to distribute products sustainably and to develop distribution mechanisms that allow for the long-term use and maintenance of a product. Please click here for the full list of criteria. We are only delivering through select partners at this time. 

How can I become a partner?

If you are an organization working to deliver WaSH initiatives, please fill out the statement of interest form, and we will contact you for an interview if we believe there is a good fit.

How much does the filtration system cost?

Our partners receive a special discount designed to help quality products reach those in most need.  

Do you ever offer additional discounts?

Kohler believes in finding the best partners and giving them the best price we can give from the beginning. 

How many do I need to buy?

Filtration systems are sold by the pallet. Minimum purchase is one pallet to accommodate pilot programs. However, there is no maximum, allowing organizations to purchase on a large scale. Shipping will be cheapest for wholesale pallets (40 units/pallet) shipped in 40-foot containers (high-cube), significantly reducing landed cost per filter. We encourage our partners to work together to reduce shipping costs going to the same countries/ports. We can provide shipping cost guidelines upon request, but we encourage partners to obtain their own quotes.

Who is responsible for shipping?

Kohler can ship to partner warehouses anywhere in the U.S. Partners are responsible for shipping costs and international transportation. In special situations, Kohler can arrange international freight.

How much is shipping and tax?

This varies widely from country to country. We can provide you with estimates to nearby countries or locations. However, because costs vary widely, we suggest you obtain a quote for your location(s) of interest. We believe our partners, especially nonprofit organizations, will be able to get the best rates. However, if you feel that you are unable or prefer not to make your own shipping arrangements, we can work with you to find alternative solutions.

How do I set it up?

There are simple and easy to use instructions engraved on the bottom side of the lid as well as instruction manuals in multiple languages. We will also have instructional videos posted on our website.  

How can I get replacement parts?

You can order replacement filters directly from Kohler Co. Each pallet also comes with spare filters and spigots.

I have a different question or idea. How can I contact you?

If we haven’t answered your question here, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!